Netiquette and digital literacy skills

‘We do need to teach individuals skills for managing the messiness and the chaos of the space. It is our own behaviour we can manage – not the behaviour of others. If your focus is centered on individuals developing their skills to cope in complex environments, I think you’ll have more success (as compared with trying to encourage others who have no interest to behave a certain way.’

In relation to the reasoning for the firewall can there be a change in thinking to see the logic of students developing their skills to cope in complex environments. Can we elevate the importance of the guidelines NSI institute developed as a standard for TAFE and the importance of teaching netiquette and digital literacy skills as apposed to just blocking content with broad brush strokes. Can this be utilised as a tool to allow managers teachers and students to work within more open and networked spaces and validate more teachers having control over unblocking content from the internet on a case by case basis based on the appropriateness off content? What is the alternative?