Lets Share IT - Collaborative tools and working practices (Coping with change)

NSW state wide conference, for Community Services, Health, Tourism and Recreation Curriculum Centre facilitating the sharing of innovative and interactive learning and assessment strategies to support Institutes' mainstream and VET in School delivery.

20:20 Vision, TAFE NSW Libraries Conference - Presenter


"Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 in a TAFE Classroom" at the '20:20 Vision' Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia on Friday 2nd February 2007.
Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 in a TAFE Classroom Talking VTE - Podcast


Learning without borders - Group Learning Faciliator

Mentor for teachers as part their university research into processes around planning and taking control of one's own professional development as a group. For the final event I facilitated group learning techniques to explore incorporating technology within their day-today teaching practices. A successful project which I was pleased to be a part off with great research and professional development outcomes which can be potentially applied across an organisation.

Future of Learning in a Networked World - Unconference facilitator


One of a group of speakers who took part in and co-documented the traveling open space conference called the 'Future of Learning in a Networked World' On 18th September, Educationalists from around the world came to Dunedin and travelled to Christchurch, Northland, Wiaheke, Auckland and Wellington to meet in open spaces and discussed the future of learning... My video diary of FLNW event.

Elearning 06 nswLearnscope - Presenter, 'Networked Professional Development - teacherconnect'

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Elearning Networks - Online presenter - Intro to RSS

RSS notes
Elluminate session for people new to the concepts of web2.0 RSS and networked learning, who just want to know where to get started, explains what RSS is, how it works , and provide practical examples of how RSS can be used in your working and personal life, providing context for setting up your own online identity and networking with others.'


TAFE NSW International Center for Teaching and Learning

ICVET The Learning Powerhouse Whats happening in the engine room - Presenter

Teacher empowerment through technology

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With technology there is no finishing line; there is constant change and possibility, there is no set way to use it for teaching and learning, technology is but a tool. It can seem over-whelming. What can a teacher do to stay afloat? Ask the Network...