The classroom as conversation: Using Video blogging to facilitate participation

What is video blogging?

You tube phenomen
Web 2.0, Participatoryy culture part of students day to day life

Past Barriers - Present opportunites...

Expensive storage - Free storage/ cheap storage
Expensive cameras - Cheap cameras
Cumbersome equipment - Miniturisation, mobile embedded technolgy
Expensive editing software - Free editing software
High entry skill level - Low entry skill level

Communication tool
Video incorporatated within day to day working context

The library as a conversation

You provide the context
Express yourself
Using video to facilitate participation within conversations
Group learning

Video Blogging Example - Publishing

Video learning objects

Incorporating video technology within library

Conversation starters
Managing access to video equipment
Hands on with students - Providing support
Facilitating use of video in conversations - Ad hoc
Utilising video to communicate services - Scripted...