10min talk
RSS Web2.0 Publish Consume Adapt - Just Tools
The network is you, particapte, provide practical examples
Hit a ceiling with PD need support from managment
Why - To value the mind imgainsation calls, why?
Teacherconnect networking the networks
Bring in hurdles to this, i.e. firewall fear
Why - To value the mind imgainsation calls, why?


I pull together my traing resource in wiki from into sparker.wikispaces
Link what I've done to spaces


Questionaire to put to THED network memebers, refigeration ED networks
Relate to managment and PD plans
Talk about RPL and NetworkLearning Guidelines
Publish to blog

Teacherconnect wiki

Restructure teacherconnect wiki
Need something that I can easily pull peope into

Networked professional development

Put in link to teacher connect

From product to process

Put in gliffy drwaing

Professional development assertions

Following a professional development event you have the following basic skills for persoanl learning as part of a larger organisational network you can:

Manage email - e.g. using and Outlook
Publish photos - e.g.
Bookmark websites - e.g. using
Able to subscribe to RSS feeds using a newsreader - e.g.
Understand TAGS and RSS
Have the email addresses of colleagues from profesisonal development event
Familiar with:
Posting with a blogging tool - e.g.
Using a wiki to co-author and edit content - e.g.
Instant messenging - e.g.

The trainer (Mentor/ Educational technologist) has set up a central location to pull togehter the whole of the network's individual contributions e.g. Photos websites, Blog posts. This could be a group wiki, startpage or blog.

There is an agrred TAG to label everything to be published to the network, (Class , trade, subject area network...)

Put in networked learning

Ongoing patricipation

It's the ongoing participation in a learning network after professional develpment thats's importnat. There are some basic actrions that reuire little effort but must be continulaly employed in order to begin publishing and participating equitalby with a network. The trick is to make a habit of them in work and life. Learnig the fundamnetals of a new way of working in a networked world requires practice and changing habit...I'll do a post with some suggestions for what do to do when you sit down at tyour desk and want to get started.

Management support

Networked learnig within an organisationis easier with the support of organisationl managment to support the implementation of an individuals professional development plans and legitimize networking as a valued part of day-to day activity through mentor networks.