My work is focus is shifting primarily in professional development and empowering teachers to be self sufficient in managing technology, developing their own resources and networking with each other, in keeping with the strategic direction of TAFE to enable teachers to adopt educational ICT practices as part of day-to-day work. Here is a list of projects i am involved in...





The kitchen garden and food storage project
Practical hands on kitchen project implementing the Moodle ideas presented in Master Learners, Learner Centered Design and Master courses with a focus on learning how to grow and store food from the garden.



Running Learnscope project with Tourism and Hospitality teachers and management from the Illawarra Institute and other organisations to work together to develop skills in the use of elearning technologies and implement a mentoring system to share the innovation across faculty.


Facilitating environmental education teachers at TAFE workig as part of an existing state-wide TAFE NSW Environmental Officers group, to form an online network that will promote environmental sustainability amongst staff across TAFE NSW. The network will provide participants with the necessary e-learning skills to be able to effectively communicate with each other (regardless of distance) and to develop innovative educational tools for environmental awareness training at TAFE.



Facilitating an open network of educators supporting each other in furthering our professional development and making sense of rapid changes in technologies for teaching and learning.
ROLE: Project Coordinator


The activity was a great success; the learner’s tremendously enjoyed this fun, hands on delivery approach. Completion was rife amongst the groups, the learners self ownership of the challenge was evident. By critically reviewing the ‘Safe Work Procedures’ by their fellow learners, involved improved and cemented the learning outcomes for the entire group. Glen Campbell

Tourism & Hospitality networkED (THED):

Training a teaching team in the use of web2.0 and mobile technologies to enhance the delivery of practical learning around the tourism & hospitality workplace and facilitating a network that covers the latest technological developments in the world of tourism & hospitality education and training.
ROLE: Project facilitator

Networked learning rights (NLR)

Involved in developing guidelines for TAFE online in adopting Web 2.0 technologies.

eCommunicate 2.0: Exploring the Read/Write Web:

This project, funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's eNetworks Project, is focussed on exploring the use of Web 2.0 technologies in General Education and Access areas.
ROLE: Team member

New Media for Young People Learnscope Project

New Media for Young People Learnscope Project - To engage young students* in the learning process, as well as to meet Learning outcomes from a range of core and elective modules through the use of electronic media, primarily as digital storytelling.
ROLE: Project Coach

Web 2.0 Networked Learning Community

A community of practice with the purpose of exploring Web 2.0 technologies in education and related learning theories, such as Connectivism and Networked Learning.
ROLE: Team Member

NSW Learnscope: Advanced Team

An online Community of Practice focused primarily on the acquisition and honing of skills for the facilitation of E-Learning and/or E-business.
ROLE: Team Member

E-Learning E-mentoring Essentials

Community of practice for professionals seeking guidance for E-Learning in the VTE and ACE environments.
ROLE: Team Member

Child protection

Managing the web development and technical issues associated with implementing and delivering the national delivery Child Protection learning materials across all TAFE Institutes in consultation with CLI and ITD.

Aged Care

Finalising the delivery of TAFE online aged care online learning resources tothe CLI library

Land administration

Managing, implementation and delivery of the 10 modules of the land administration courseware

TAFE online 2

Community services research into PDAs and Breeze
managing the professional devleopment and delivery impmentation of Work Based Learing resources across state also as part of TOL2 reserach into the use of laptops and PDAs in the classroom.

Other constant work

Administer and coordinate the use of the current Learning Management System (LMS) and monitor, evaluate and report on usage of the LMS.
Develop the procedures and protocols to support users of Illawarra Institute's online platform to facilitate effective implementation and to provide accurate information to staff.

liaise with key Internal and External TAFE NSW staff to discuss how technology opportunities and problems that impact on LAI. In particular staff from the TAFE Center for Learning Innovation (CLI), Strathfield