TLRU session plan

Day 1 - Form Refrigeration Network

Group introduction
Create Gmail account and manage Email exercises - Gmail and wikispaces instructions
Form Network in Gmail
Join group
Create PLE Individual Wikispace and link to group wikispace

Example refrigeration video
Do presentation on web2.0 and networked learning
Create a account
Create Flickr (yahoo) account
Create Bloglines account
Subsribe to blog in bloglines


Day 2 - Create Personal Learning Environment

How to use
Take group photo, audio and video
Using camera to take pictures, video and audio in refrigeration workshop -Group 1
Create a blogger account - Group 2

Morning Tea

How to photoshare and create slideshow using Flickr
How to publish audio using


Publish media to wiki and blog
Using blog for teaching
Optional - Mashup Flickr photos into blog,

Tasks for teachers for next week

August 2006 and Monday 4th (10:00 – 5:00)
Tuesday 5th (9:00 – 4:00) September 2006.

Bring in lesson plan
Develop structure for resources start pulling resource into wiki
If possible get digital camera and start building multimedia i.e. Take photo sequence as part of refrigeration learning activity to achieve learning outcomes