Presentation notes:

Overview of me

Create - Share - Consume - Adapt - Communicate : Network in Education & Industry
My focus is the application of emergent eLearning technologies within VTE education and the use of innovative facilitation method and models to empower students and teachers and foster their latent talents, knowledge and skills for learning.

2 - Overview of Institute and knowledge management

  • Social and economic benefit
  • Intellectual capital
    • Human capital
    • Organisational capital
    • Relationship capital
  • Bring out the best in people

3 - Define Institute challenges
  • Bright Ideas
  • eLMs, TLM
  • Sustainability
  • Continuity
  • Pressures on staff
  • Constant change
  • Stress

4 - Define Innovation and creativity
  • Quotes from Natural Capitalism
  • Quote from DeBono
  • Narrow focus onto innovation and creativity with eLearning
  • How do we get past just paying lip service to fostering innovation and creativity

5 - Explain innovation@Work process

People ruled by heart not head, management need to recognise the desires in play
Rationality has to come into play if we are to balnce people's desires with achieving organisational outcomes
Requires sensitvity and compassion

6 - Present round table feedback - Management
  • Round table events - Senior staff forum, leadership forum refer to blog
  • When managing an eLearning design project for 'newbies', utilising team dynamics and understanding "what makes people tick" are a primary consideration for the successful adoption of a culture of innovation with eLearning technology, in other words thinking beyond the technology itself to understand basic human psychology will foster their individual creativity and lead to sustainable innovative practice. How do you manage this process?
  • using Moodle and the Innovation@Work process example?

7 - Crash course in psychology

Define what makes people tick, they desires to be:
  • taken seriously
  • remembered
  • valued and acknowledge
  • unique and individual
  • accepted and noticed

Refer to 'What makes us tick?" Hugh Mackay

What frustrates this desire in an organisation?
  • Hierarchy
  • Beaurocracy
  • You feel you don't exist
  • Victimisation from workplace culture, opting out

How do you harness the desires in creative endeavour?
  • to belong
  • for something to happen
  • for something to believe in
  • stimulation

8 - Go through Innovation@Work steps

Tie desires to steps
Bring n social networking technology, iLearn courses
Constructivist - eXplaing how Moodle is ideal towards this process

9- Qualitative and quantitative reporting, measuring ROI

Get quotes and feedback from staff
Tie to Umbrea Course and attitudes to learning
Bring in Equella

Fletcher Jones organisational example
Western Sydney Institute - Farm planning
I took my kids offline
via things that stick on 1/4/11

My concern," she says, "was that we had ceased to function as a family. We were just a collection of individuals who were very connected outwards – to friends, business, school and sources of entertainment and information. But we simply weren't connecting with one another in real space and time in any sort of authentic way.
A mother removes networked devices from her house for six months, including the TV, in an attempt to rebuild relationships within her family. I can sympathise.